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Fully Inclusive Prices: Last updated 01/10/2012

All fitting is on a mobile basis

We come to you!

Mobile Fitting From                                                                      £135.00

Electronic Clutch Switch                                                               £15.00

Universal Gearbox Pulse Generator                                                  £68.00

Propshaft/Driveshaft Pulse Generator                                              £15.00

CanBus Converter                                                                       £78.00

Cruise Control Example 1

Suzuki Grand Vitara up to 2005

Standard cruise control (stalk command module)                              £320.00

Cruise Control Fitting From                                                           £135.00

Cruise Control Example 2

 Nissan Note 1.5 dCI (manual)

Solid-State cruise control (stalk command module)                            £360.00

Cruise Control Fitting From                                                           £135.00

It is may be possible to install the cruise control yourself. If you can use a multimeter and have the knowledge of how to install a car radio, or car alarm system, then the cruise control could be something else that you can fit yourself. The cruise controls come with a comprehensive fitting kit and installation manual, 12 month warranty, and your choice of standard command module included in the price. Different vehices sometimes require additional components. Please contact us with your full vehicle details for a quote.

For clients that wish to purchase the cruise control only, we can accept cheques and online payments such as Bidpay, Billpoint and Nochex. You can use your debit/credit card with most of the online payment facilities.