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It seems as though the poor motorist is being hemmed in from all angles these days. Traffic calming, inner city restrictions, toll roads, speed bumps, and the dreaded Speed Camera! Now almost everyone knows that the purpose of the majority of  these cameras is to generate revenue. As it is a well known fact that most of them are not in accident blackspots. Quite a few are placed so that the poor motorist can not see them until it is too late. Some of the roads adjacent to a couple of the camares have many skid marks, where the motorist has seen the camera very late and braked heavily. Surely it would have been far better to make the camera plainly visible, in order for the motorist to slow down, thus performing the function that the camera is supposed to be there for. Instead, there are signs of heavy braking, causing a possible accident from the vehicles following behind.

Whilst no one should condone speeding in any form, we do understand that it is, in some situations only too easy to wander over the limit. This is where cruise control comes into play. Having cruise control fitted can really help out here.

Cruising along the motorway becomes a breeze. Just get up to your desired speed, switch on the cruise control and let the cruise control take over. No more aching right ankle after a long journey. And you did not have to take that break in the service area to give your ankle a rest. Apart from the fact that it cost an arm and a leg when you stopped, because the kids wanted to go to one of the fast food outlets that have now overtaken the service areas. It is a known fact that they charge higher prices there than anywhere else. After all you can't walk down the road and find somewhere more reasonably priced can you? You will have a more relaxed driving experience, use less fuel, put less strain and wear on your vehicle, and produce less harmful emissions, simply by using cruise control.