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Drive-By-Wire Explained

Many of todays new vehicles have a drive-by-wire system, instead of an accelerator (throttle) cable. The throttle pedal is directly, or indirectly connected to a potentiometer (in laymans terms a volume control), which increases the speed of the vehicle the further that you depress the pedal. This delivers a varying voltage to a servo system at the fuel injection system to increase or decrease the amount of fuel going into the combustion chambers. A cruise control system has now been developed to deliver this varying voltage to maintain a set speed. It works in virtually the same way that a factory fitted system does. The great advantage of this type of system is that being solid-state there are no moving parts that could ever fail or wear out.
Below you will see the components of the drive-by-wire cruise control system. A list of vehicles that are suitable for the new cruise control can be seen by left clicking  here.

Here are the main  components of cruise control, showing at the top, the wiring loom. Bottom left, harness connecting to the vehicles electronic throttle assembly. Bottom middle,  electronic throttle interface. Bottom right is the main cruise control ECU

Choice of standard stalk command module(left or right handed), which is included in the price of the cruise control.

Or dash mount command module, which is also included in the price of the cruise control

This is  our latest 2-memory stalk command module, which  works  in a similar way to  a vehicle  indicator stalk. This is an extra item to the cruise control

All of the normal functions of the command module are invoked by moving the lever up/down or forward/backwards. There are two programmable memory buttons at the
end of the stalk unit.

Gear knob command module. This is an extra item to the cruise control.

Wood  effect top for gearknob command module.

Carbon effect top for gearknob command module

Infra-red command module which attaches to outer rim of steering wheel. This is an extra item to the cruise control

3 Memory module. This is an add on, to memorise up to 3 speeds that you may use often.